Can´t sync Photos form Camera Folder


i can´t sync my Camera Folder form Samsung S10 with the My Cloud App.

I can sync my Whatsapp and Facebook Folder but not my Pictures from the Camera.

Need Help.



Have you tried a Google search or a search using your favorite search engine to see what you can find? If you plan to stick with the Samsung S10 for a while my suggestion is to go to a bookstore and see if they have a book on it. I buy my books from Barnes & Noble, both in the store and online. I currently have a Samsung S20 5G phone. I never owned the S10.

Samsung S10 | Barnes & Noble® (

Here is what shows on my phone. What shows on yours?

It shows the same like the screenshot. But i don´t see my Camera Folder.

This App can´t sync the Camera Folder with my Pictures.

The is no option to select the Camera Folder on my S10