Can’t stream shared links - sudden issue

I bought my 3TB mycloud last year, and I write music. I’ve shared links with friends and contacts hundreds of times, but suddenly over the last few days, they can’t stream them.

I experience the same issue when I click the link, even on my home Wi-Fi, which the cloud is wired to the router/modem.

I rebooted the drive twice, and cleared all the shared with others files. Even when creating a new share, this problem still occurs.

I also increased the cache size to 128GB, that also did not help.

When the shared link is clicked, the folder comes up with the file in it. Then you click to stream it, the loading bar comes up (the one the resembles the QuickTime playhead) and then immediately that disappears and you get a play button with a line through it.

Any ideas? This has never been a problem until a few days ago.

EDIT: I can still stream through my mobile app no problem.

@Xekik Do you own a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home? You have posted in the My Cloud Home sub-forum.

I didn’t realize what I had done. I have a traditional mycloud NAS.