Can´t see or access files from my CCTV system stored in iSCSI target


We have EX4100 NAS with two iSCSI target 7.5TB each one, and two DVR storing information in that targets. Now need to access the information to search video from old incident and we can’t see the information via WD Quik View or

We need to now how can access the videos easily from PC, and if can reproduce the video directly stored in the NAS

Thanks for help!


Hello JKSoporteCR,

You can map the shares of your my cloud device on your computer in order to access the files.

Please follow the below link to know how can you map shares:



Did you miss the part where the OP said the content they are wanting to access is in an iSCSI target device and not as a share ? Don’t think your answer is going to help here.


Have you tried searching on the forums about mapping iSCSI targets ? Basically, if you are certain this is how the data is stored, you will need to configure a pc or server as an iSCSI initiator. If you Google around for say “iscsi initiator windows” you should find a guide that will help you here. The other side of the equation, is that you need to ensure that you are allowing your pc or server to be allowed to map to the iscsi target. This can be secured by IP address of the initiator usually.

WD have a guide on this at by the looks.

Try following that and see how you go.