Can’t see mycloud (gen2) over local network - gen 1 is fine

I have a strange issue. I have two mycloud drives connected to a network switch.
They are both accessible over the internet.
I can only see the Gen 2 drive in the local network part that is not served by my bt wholehome mesh, whereas the Gen 1 drive is accessible everywhere.
Is there a solution for this?

I’ve had issues when connecting two MyCloud devices on the same network. Haven’t figured out the problem yet but I believe it to be a conflict with port forwarding.

May want to check the mesh network settings since the devices NOT served by the mesh network have no problems seeing the device.

But in any event make sure each My Cloud device has its own unique name. There will be issues if both are named “My Cloud”. Also a good idea to access the router’s DHCP server (via the router’s administration interface) and reserve IP addresses for each My Cloud device so they always use the same IP address.

If one is having issues with remote access to multiple My Clouds on the same local network, one may have to configure each My Cloud for port forwarding then give each My Cloud a different set of external port numbers, then setup port forwarding rules in the network router to point each set of port numbers to the appropriate My Cloud.

I’ve tried that. The issue is, the Gen 1 drive is perfectly fine all over the house. Gen 2 is ground floor only.
They are both fine with remote access - but I would rather have local access than move my files over the internet.
Drives have different names of course.

Additionally, when the Gen 1 drive is turned off / disconnected, that does not help the Gen 2 drive. It’s still not accessible over the mesh network.

Is there only one DHCP server on the local network?

Do all devices receive or use IP addresses within the same IP subnet range? For example all reside in the 192.168.1.x range?

Do all devices use the same workgroup name?

How is the network switch conned to the BT WholeHome Mesh system? In other words how is the network setup and connected to each other? What is connected to the main router and what is connected wired or wireless to the mesh nodes?

There is only one DHCP server (a BT Smarthub 2).
All devices are in the same subnet and same 192.168.1.x range.
The BT smarthub is connected to the wan, and its lan ports are connected to a gigabit unmanaged switch (where both WD MyCloud disks are connected) and the bt wholehome primary node.

Can you ping the the gen 2 My Cloud from devices that cannot “see” it?

Can those devices that cannot “see” the gen 2 My Cloud access it’s Dashboard using either the gen 2 My Cloud name or it’s IP address?

What types of devices cannot see the gen 2? If computers, what OS (Windows or Mac)? If Windows 10, is SMB1.0 enabled?

Ping fails with 100% packet loss. The Gen 1 Drive has less than 10ms average round trip.
Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Smart TV - all these see the Gen 1 drive (and media), can’t access Gen 2. No ping, no HTTP, no ftp, no file or media sharing.

As a troubleshooting step, since it was previously indicated you can see the gen 2 by the local network devices NOT served by the mesh system, have you accessed the My Cloud Dashboard on the gen 2 from a non mesh device and checked it’s IP address and workgroup settings? I guess as a standard troubleshooting step one could do a 40 second reset on the gen 2 and see if that changes anything.

Other things to check. On the mesh router’s administration page, check the settings to see if anything is blocking access to the gen 2. Like somehow the gen 2 got put into the DMZ zone or one has setup restrictions for children on what devices/websites they can access. See if client isolation is enabled on the mesh router. If one has setup port forwarding rules for the gen 2 in the router, try disabling them to see if anything changes.

Do you have anything on the local network like a Pi-Hole or similar that is filtering for ads or bad websites? If so disable it as a troubleshooting step.

Also as a troubleshooting step, disable any security software on the computer and see if the gen 2 can be accessed.

The mesh isn’t blocking access to that ip. The same devices that can’t access over the mesh Wi-Fi have no problem over the main router.
And, there is no problem accessing the gen 1 device anywhere.