Can’t see individual drives

I am using a new iMac with a 4tb Thunderbolt unit. I am using Mojave os. Two issues: ican’t Confirm the two HDD’s on Disk utility. I have used the G-tech utility to create the Raid Array and the dialogue would indicate the Raid 1 is established. Sadly Disk Utility no longer has a RAID tab. Point 2: try every way I can, I cannot replace the picture of the original icon… I get a picture which is basically a folder with the letters “icons” over the HD in “get info”
On both items, HELP!

Because it is a hardware RAID managed by our configurator utility the computer only knows it as a single drive. Disk Utility does not know that it is 2 drives and won’t be able to.

If you want to replace the icon can follow our guide on how here: Changing drive icon

In an effort to replace the erased drive icon I have followed the directions exactly and have used the two folders which contain images. In all cases the only image placed on the drive is the picture on the folder for preview and the letters icon or Ican depending on the source folder. This is a Mac running Mojave

Need some help — thank you


When you open the Get Info Window of the drive all you have to do is drag the icon file on to the small icon of the drive near the top of the Get Info Window. You should see a green + sign or similar when doing it and it will add the icon to the drive.

I don’t know any other way to get this info across to you.

Then how can you be absolutely sure the data is writing to both drives? I’ve been burned by a LaCie Raid system where the Mirror stopped working and didn’t know until my first drive failed and found out that my second drive contained data that was 18 months old. How can we be sure data is on both drives?