Can`t find WD MYBOOK for MAC anymore


last time I used my WD mybook external HDD was monday, then i got a new macbookpro and downloaded the WD driver. but now either my old or my new mac can t find the WD MYBOOK. anybody knows what happened or what i can do?

thank you

Did you do a firmware update?

Mine and several other people’s drives have been bricked by it.

This is the reason why I never bother with firmware upgrades.

If its not broke, dont fix it!

Hello Everyone,

This My Book Studio Firmware updater for Mac is for My Passport Studio and My Book studio.

*****It is silver looking case with both USB and Firewire connections *****

Please carefully follow the instruction on the web page as it will lead you.

Use the USB connection only during the firmware updating.

Disable or remove security or password protection before doing the firmware update. 

Be sure to wait for the firmware updater to finish.

Restart the computer and power cycle the WD My Passport  Studio or My Book Studio drive after firmware update is finish.

If you have WD external drive with black case use this link instead