Can`t access to MBLD dashboard


I use MBLD with my mac to backup data via time machine and it works ok. I can acces all my files via Finder etc. but I cant access its dasboard via browser. I see this problem is a “normal” and a lot of users have the same issue. Unfortunately SSH was not enabled and I can`t access it via ssh. My questions are the follows:

This is for MBL version with single drive. Mine is MBL duo in RAID. Should I do the same steps with both HDDs? Will it work?

  • is it possible to get to dashbord after reset or full reset with hdd re-formatting?

  • may be I missed something and there are other ways to fix the issue on MBL Duo?

Actuallly this kind of a problem and unstable behavior of core software doesn`t look good for the device I trust my data. 

Thank you!

Hi, have you tried connecting the my book directly to the Mac? You can also try using another web browser.