Can' t access the drive through wd2g

Just bought MBLD 6TB, works like a charm localy, but I cannot connect to the drive through wd2go. The drive is visible, but when I click on it, nothing happens and connection times out (“Safari can’t open the page, because the server where this page is located isn’t responding”).

please help

Hi, download the latest java update and then try again.

I have the same problem when using the same network the drive is on. I can only access the drive using WD2go from a network outside my own. . . which I guess is what it is made for, but makes it a pain to verify connectivity.

This has to do with how your router works.  When using WD 2go, your pc tries to connect to an outside host name, which resolves to the EXTERNAL address of your router.  Some routers will NOT forward that traffic back inside if it originates from the internal network.