Can subfolders be included in a slideshow?

I have just started to use my new Live Hub and it appears that a slideshow will only use the files in the “root” of the folder and it will not access subfolders within the main folder. Is this correct or am I missing something here?

Ideally I want to store photographs in subfolders and yet on occasion I want to run a slide show that includes all of  these subfolders without having to access each one manually.


I’ve also been unable to get Hub to play photos outside the root folder during a slideshow. Unless someone else can provide further info, I will say the answer is NO.

There’s another issue with Hub which I posted in another thread that might be of interest to you:  If you have a rather large number of photos ( I have almost 10,000 .jpg photos saved to a single folder)  the Hub will only display a very limited number of them even with the shuffle option on in the photo settings.  I have no idea what the number of photos is before this becomes a problem but it’s definitely a problem.