Can someone tell me the diffrence?

WD My Book Live 3.5 ขนาด 3TB

WD My Book Live 3.5 ขนาด 3TB WD External Hard drives My Book Live 3.5 3TB

the later is 1000 THB 30 USD more expensive but I do not know why?

Your second title is wrong.

Your second item is “My Book/My Book Essential (USB 3.0) - WDBACW0030HBK”.

The first item is a NAS.

The second item is a USB3.0 external HD.

Sorry I did not get that?

NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients.?

So whats the diffrence in simple terms?

A NAS connects to your network.  All access is done via standard file access protocols such as AFP, SMB, CIFS, NFS, etc.

A USB disk connects directly to your PC via USB.   USB disks don’t use the network.

So I should get a NAS than why is it cheaper that I do not get ? Strange

The My Book Live is discounted because, since the launch of the My Cloud NAS last year, the My Book Live is on clearance.

But as to which one you should buy, I can’t answer that.

If you don’t know what a NAS is, I really don’t think you should buy one until you learn what they do, how they work, etc.

In case it helps.  this is the NAS but the Thai price list is not clear. I want something that works even if the main computer is not on but the network is.

this are the once I looking it. I understand do network and not USB. I like the idea to download my iphone and network items I have about 5 computer in my network.