Can someone tell me how to get my WD My Passport to stop crashing my computer?

First it was the annoyances of “Delayed Write Fail” messages from Windows when I put my computer in sleep mode (resets the My Passport drive - :angry: ). Then the pop ups of there being an update firmware for my drive only then to be told upon attempt to update that I already have latest firmware. Now the drive is crashing my computer. It’s crash SEVEN TIMES AALREADY! Blue screen and the last one said IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL. My attempts to uninstall and reinstall from scratch crashes my computer as well. For God’s sake IT’S JUST AN EXTERNAL DRIVE! Why is it crashing my computer all the time?!

Hi there, it can be a bad drive or that you have some of the softwares that can conflict with the second partition of the drive (The VCD) like Sonic/Roxio DLA, Toshiba Disc Creator and Daemon Tools just mention a few…

But I think your drive is bad, are you able to test it for errors with HDD Tune?