Can someone post a standard WD compliant sources.list for me please

Mine, is, ummm gone. 



Can you please provide more information about your issue?

I’d rather solve the issue on my own, just need the standard sources.list

Download the firmware .deb file and unpack it on your PC.

All of the original files are there.

Yep, got it. Thanks.

I am itching to reconfigure this box in it’s entirety by removing Debian and replacing it with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server instead… after all the box is literally a computer with processor and RAM. Shoot, it’s like that Raspberry PI kit… now there is a thought… might just get me one of those to putz with.

Wondering if re-imaging the 2 rootfs partitions would work. I have successfully restored the system that way with the WD proprietry firmware, which is a bit of a laugh that they call it firmware, usually firmware affects the chips on the computer board, not the partitions on the hard drive… or least that is what I understand. Maybe it’s to dissuade tinkerers like me by using “Firmware”