Can someone perform a quick test for me?

Yesterday i was downloading one season of a show and it played great on my laptop " i always do a quick test on my laptop before i transfer to my WD TV Live Hub Media Center With 1 TB Storage " so then i downloaded the whole season to the WD TV Live Hub Media Center then i played the first episode and it had audio problems i mean at the start of the video the audio slows down and it plays it chopped  then it plays normal then throughout  the video it has some high spikes and then it goes out of sync… 

so i deleted all that season and forgot about it since i thought it was just an encode problem on the video, then i dowloaded another show just to try the 1080p and again the file played good on my computer but not on my WD TV Live Hub Media Center the audio played good for the first 9 seconds and then it speeds really fast forward then it sound’s chopped then no audio at all, and it continues with no audio thru the whole video. 

So i been thinking that it doesn’t had to do with the file at all maybe just maybe it’s my " WD TV Live Hub Media Center With 1 TB Storage " 

So just to be sure can someone download the video to their WD TV Live Hub Media Center With 1 TB Storage just to see if you have the same problem or if it just plays fine thanks! 

if you are willing to do it let me know so i can provide the file thanks again!

Check and see that you have your audio settings to only come from one source, I had to reset mine to only come from the HDMI and it solved all my out of sync problems.

No thank you, on the file.

As has been said many times in here, just because something plays fine on a PC does not mean it will do so on the Hub. There are many codec differences that make it impossible to judge one by the other. What format are your files in? Even if it is a format supported by the Hub, if it is not properly encoded it will have issues. What format is the audio in? The Hub has even less support for audio formats than a PC.