Can someone confirm WD TV Live SMP doesn't work with USB3.0 128Gb flash drive?

I’ve tried the 128Gb USB3.0 flash drive in the front and the rear USB ports and get the dreaded “No storage present” message   :frowning:

I also tried a USB3.0 640Gb portable external HDD and that isn’t seen either  :frowning:

Doesn’t the SMP like USB3.0?

It was happy with a 1.5Tb portable external drive (USB2.0)   :slight_smile:

I realise 128Gb USB3.0 flash drives are rare but someone in WD should be able to test this?

Plus 640Gb USB3.0 portable HDDs should be quite common!?


Works with a Sandisk 64GB USB 3.0 Extreme for me.

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Oops  ;)  or Yeah!    :slight_smile:

Solved the 128Gb flash drive problem…    :smiley:

The drive was formatted as ExFAT (by default).  The WD TV SMP obviously doesn’t see ExFAT drives.

Anyway, that’s the answer to THAT problem.  Still don’t know why it won’t accept the 640Gb Samsung USB3.0 portable external though.

You can try on Samsung USB 3.0 by plugging the drive to Windows 7 and performing “scan and fix”. Safely eject the drive once it’s completed. 

Sorry, done and didn’t work   :frowning: