Can Smartware create a backup to a specific directory?

Before resolving the issue with the Pro License software upgrade, I had copied by Documents sub-folders to the Public folder MyCloud.  I’d like to to keep those files there, and have been backing up the ones from my hard drive using SyncToy.  It would be nice to set Smartware to do this as I might changes.  However, while I can direct Smartware to back up only specific directories, on MyCloud it backs them up to a folder with my called “WD SmartWare.swstor” with a confusing array of subfolders that mirror the setup on Vista.  I’d prefer to backup my “/Documents/Cases” folder on my hard drive to the “Public/Cases” folder on MyCloud using Smartware.   Any way to do this?

Dont think so, SmartWare backups like this due to its restore function.