Can see PC, but not shared internal HDD

Hi, my WDTV Live can see my Windows 7 PC (named Direwolf) just fine under network shares, however, the Users folder is the only thing visible. I have an internal HDD (named Starfall) that I shared, which contains all my media, but doesn’t show up. The workgroup name is the same for all entities involved. I included a couple relevant screenshots for reference. Any suggestions?

Starfall is seen under network shares


The “new view” command also sees Starfall as shared.


Try forum search. Perhaps start here:

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My bad, should’ve posted in that thread to start…maybe a mod can move my posts to that thread and close this one. Anyway, after trying numerous things, I came across the Youtube vid below and it fixed my issue, as I can now see my shared folders. I simply had to create a new user account (with password, though not sure if the pass is ultimately necessary), and share my folders with that user.

Prior to this, I used Serviio as a workaround, and it did the trick, but this solution is better IMO. Now I finally get to play around with this new device =)

Its not really a problem with wdtv but with windows shares they are very forgetful. I was having this problem for a long time also every time I thought I fixed it within a day or 2 I had to research the network for shared folders. I did everything I could find to fix it in the end found it easier to work just get a NAS drive  I bought a wd  3tb mycloud and shares are perfect if you can afford it I recommend a NAS drive

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Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.