Can see mybook live through windows 7 explorer but not through ms office apps

We recently replaced our pc’s with win 7 pcs. We could access mybook live through the application such as being in ms outlook 2013 and attaching a file to an email that was on mylivebook. Unfortunately we lost this ability about a week ago.  Same with trying to open a file in ms word or excel file when we go out to find a file. We have done a work around by going to the recently used files, and by pinning some folders that are on the mylive book. But pinning and recently retrieved files list is not an easy option when in outlook 2013 to attach a file.

We need help…and advice thanks

As long as Windows can see the drive the applications should also see the unit.

Make sure to check your firewall or Internet security settings.

Also, check if the apps will have the same behaviour if the share is mapped on the computer.

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC