Can see files on My Passport but cannot open them

This isn’t the only time I’ve been having problems with a WD My Passport.  I’ve previously had to have WD send me a new one because it stopped working.  Luckily, it worked for a few hours so I copied all of my old files into a new external.  This is my second one this has happened to and it hasn’t been working at all.

When I plug my 1TB external My Passport into my PC, I am able to open my hard drive and view my files.  When I try to open one and error message comes up stating it cannot open a file because it may be corrupt.  Is there a way to fix my hard drive?  Or recover my now corrupt files??

Some applications can fix and recover corrupted files.

Try searching for a Data Recovery software.

Make sure to backup the non corrupted files as soon as possible since is possible that other files might also experience this issue.

Once you have recover the files, we recommend to test and reformat the drive.