Can see and login to Cloud Duo from mobile device, but cannot access it on the local network from PC's

Please see attached photo for some more information.

I’ve had a WD MyCloud Duo setup in our office for over a year, it’s been setup the same since day 1 and nothing has changed. Our network situation is complicated and a mess (it is a gas-station+restaurant so there’s plenty of switches and routers), everything was setup initially in 2007 and with the store running every day it was easier to set up the Duo the way I have it than change settings on the plethora of equipment back here.

Everything is divided up into a Private and Public network and the ancient switches are maxed out, so in order to add the Duo to our setup I purchased a 2 port NIC and plopped it into the main PC. With this I bridged Ethernet 1 to both new ports, 2 is plugged into the 2nd PC in the office sharing internet, 3 is plugged directly into the WD giving it access to the internet. I’ve setup the DNS and IP settings appropriately so all 3 have internet. This has been this way for over a year with no issues. Of course I take off 2 days for my birthday and come back to a total mess. I am getting the same login error on both PC’s, no matter if it’s the WD app or if I am trying to login via a browser. I have tried contacting WD support and I got told “re-install the app’s and restart” which obviously ended our connection and after waiting for another hour I figured nothing was gunna happen so I’ve just sent a few messages on my support ticket.

If I try going to the IP address listed it just gives me this

{“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”}

Another thing that makes no sense, it’s all setup using the GM’s e-mail (Msmith), however, when I login to my account (Gmenasco) it says the device is registered to me, and it was registered on the 9th… This wouldn’t make me curious usually but my birthday was the 9th, I had off the 9th and 10th. The device has been in use for over a year on this setup. I have no clue as to why WD would show it on another account and activated on a day I was not here…

VIA the WD app I can login and download files from said WD so this is really blowing my mind. How can it have internet but no internet? I have ripped out all my hair so if you have any information on how to fix that too I could use it.

Any help is much appreciated.