Can read all my folders except the last: There was an Error accessing: G:\

Have 320GB external HD; ca 20GB filled

Have no problems accessing my folders except the last one

For this proble folder: I can browse through the strcuture, see all my files

but when opening it mentions there is an error accessing

It is the same for powerpoint, excel and pdf files

I have switched encryption on/off: no difference

Have looked at the rights: given all rights to everyone - no difference

Have looked at bad sectors: none

Somehow looks like this 1 archive still have some encryption on. Unexplainable how the rest of all the files can be normally read. Annoying me as for quite a lot of files I no longer have the original. I was relying on this backup.

All advice is wellcome

Hi there!!

If I were you I’d take the data out, clean it, make a new partition and then copy the files manually.

It is a bad idea to keep all your important data on  a cheap external drive. At least now on try to keep two copies of all required files.

You can recover your data from your drive if you use HDD Regenerator 2011. But you have to have very good USB connection at this time. Check your cable.

Read my post here and it will guide to you recover your data.