Can RAID Controller be backed up?


It’s nice that WD mycloud ex2 has multiple backup features for the data on the disks, but let’s say that the RAID Controller will get degraded and then all the data on both disks are usless.

It’s there a way to back up the controller also and if it fails, i can just restore the settings and the drives will be readable again  ?

Hi adicrst, welcome to the WD community. If the EX2 case stops working, you can create a replacement order (RMA) to replace it. You only need to enter the hard drives in the same order. 

Does this work for both NAS systems, My Cloud EX 2 & My Book Live Duo? I just have to replace the NAS with the same system and enter both hard drives in the same order and that’s it? Do I have to change the config first?

Would it also be possible to run the RAID 1 system of the old My Book Live Duo in a new My Cloud EX 2 using this approach? Are there any limitations?