Can play video and image in the same playlist?


I was looking to play images and a video on the same playlist.  Is that functionality available in the HD live plus?


I’m guessing there is not unless there could be a firmware update to allow that. 

I’m using the live plus to show powerpoint presentations on an HD 52" screen.  I had the slides saved as jpegs and it works really well for that.  Now I need to also have a video that would need to be played, in addition to the pictures.

I am thinking that I could convert the powerpoint into a video - they have converters for that, and then, play the other video and the powerpoint off a movie playlist.

Any simpler ideas on how I could do this?

even tho they have seperate menus for Video and Pictures, you CAN view any picture files while accessing your share folder thru the Video menu. cause i normally put movies and the movie poster together in 1 folder so i can view it later incase i forget what the movie is about.

not sure about the Audio menu cause i never use it.