Can only see webfiles in IE, can't edit and save documents. Read Only

I’m frustrated that WD removed the ability to connect to our personal Cloud devices through the WD My Cloud software. It worked wonderful.

If I use Chrome, I cannot connect to - I get a signing in message and nothing else. IE works though.

However, in IE, if I edit a spreadsheet, it is read-only and I cannot save it back to my cloud.

Anyone know of a way around this?

Please don’t take away functionality from us if you force us to use a new method of connecting to our clouds. I bought this because your product was the easiest to use. Seems like it isn’t anymore!



@JimBraden1970 I haven’t had a problem uploading files etc. to my My Cloud devices. I am away from home and I have been able to do it for several days. See example image below. This was done using Chrome and . Make sure you have selected where you want the changes to go.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

But that is my point exactly. You can’t open from the web and then save back to the web. You have to download it, change it, then upload it.

With the software I was able to remotely open the file, change it, then the save updated the file on my cloud device. Sure, there was a local copy, but it linked back to the original and any save updated the original.

That no longer happens.

That is how it works when using the web portal.

What “software”? The My Cloud Desktop program/software? The My Cloud Desktop program has been End of Life since 2016. A recent firmware update appears to have broken it’s functionality/usefulness. WD has a support article covering this.

One option is to setup your own VPN server on your local network to allow remote encrypted access to your network and by extension the My Cloud on that local network. Some consumer grade routers may include a VPN server (typically OpenVPN) that one can enable/configure.

I understand it is End of Life for the My Cloud software version and that it recently broke due to a firmware update.

But it allowed us to open an item on our personal cloud, edit it, save it and the changes were reflected in the personal cloud - no uploading and replacing of a file, it was a “live” connection to the file and updated on each save.

If they are going to take away the nice software, it would be nice if they at least kept the same functionality in the replacement.

The web portal is not as nice, much slower, and we’ve lost functionality!

VPN is not an option as I’m trying to connect from work, and VPNs are not allowed.

This isn’t the first time WD has taken away functionality with the My Cloud. Previously they took away the ability to remote map a Share through the web portal (which became the web portal).

This is mostly a user to user support forum. WD rarely gets involved in these threads/discussions. Most suggestions in the My Cloud Ideas subforum are ignored and not implemented.

There are two other possible options. One is to use the insecure FTP feature which can be activated through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. Or try rolling back the firmware on the My Cloud device, and see if the My Cloud Dashboard software continues to work.

Do you know why I cannot see my files on Chrome? I only get the “Signing in…” page but it never refreshes to show me my files.

For what ever reason, for me, It takes a while (sometimes 30 seconds or longer) for Chrome to load the remote My Cloud. It seems to hang on the signing in screen with the page loading indicator indicating the page has finished loading. Few seconds later the remote My Cloud data loads.

One should ensure remote access/cloud access is enabled within their My Cloud > Settings. As a troubleshooting step one should disable remote access/cloud access in the Dashboard > Settings. Wait a few minutes then reenable it and see if it indicates a connection.

Mine never loads in Chrome. I’ve waited as much as 5 minutes.

I’ll try the disable, wait, reenable to see if that works. Thanks for the suggestion.