Can only login with certain users

Hi, I have a strange problem logging into my live duo using the my cloud app… but only with a specific user.

First, when adding the device I am presented with the usual list of users:

Now I can login fine with the Admin, Abbie and Isaac accounts. I am presented with the password box and boom, it works. My problem is that when I select myself (Jamie), then I just get the following message:

I am not given the option to enter a password. I just get the error message straight away.

Also, I don’t know that it is linked to this error, but even when logging in via the admin account my private share doesn’t show up, wheras the private shares of the other two users do so.

Any ideas on what the issue could be? Thanks.


I am using a 4Tb My book live duo with My Cloud app version 3.1.0. 

In the MBLD’s UI, go into the USERS section, select each user and make sure the shares are set correctly for that user.