Can only download pictures via link, not view in browser!

One feature I probably use more than any other is to host pictures on websites and forums using the link generated to share the content. This has always worked fine in dropbox, however with My Cloud it only gives you the option of saving the picture to your PC when you copy the link into your browser.

This means I can no longer display pictures on forums as it only shows the download link. Please tell me there is a way around this!

The same goes for music. It won’t stream using a link, just give you the option to download it.

Officially there is no way around it. Its a question that has been discussed in several previous threads.

The My Cloud was not designed to do what you seek and currently does not allow for the linking of images so they can be displayed on a remote website. The links generated by the various WD programs/apps are primarily for downloading the file.

Unofficially there may be ways to accomplish what you seek but chances are it would involve modifying the My Cloud firmware via SSH. It is possible one of the unofficial “apps” or OS’s one can try to load to certain My Cloud versions (v4.x primarily) may allow for linking images to remote websites.

I think I’m beginning to regret my My Cloud purchase already!

Which is what usually happens when one assumes a network attached storage device (NAS) will operate exactly like Dropbox.

The My Cloud is a low cost NAS and media server that has limited remote access capabilities. It is not a direct replacement for Dropbox or any other online storage service.

Have you tried sharing the image or images using See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

We had a similar discussion in the past on this particular issue. The problem of the image not appearing, may possibly stem with the fact that the link that is generated (either by the web portal or with the WD mobile apps or WD Desktop software) to the image file contains a username/password ID. I tried some experimenting with using a generated link and had problems, sometimes the image showed, other times it didn’t. See my reply in another thread, and subsequent discussion from that thread:

With online image hosting sites (like Photobucket) there is typically a direct link to the image that doesn’t require or include username/password ID.

It doesn’t work for me. I find it quite surprising that they don’t just enable this as a feature. Surely there’s not much to it?

I supposed I could just keep using Dropbox for this, but the whole idea of getting a NAS drive was to use only the one service.

Guess I should have checked this before I bought it!

I don’t find it surprising at all that the feature isn’t available considering what a network attached storage device typically is and what its typical function is on the local network. And considering the targeted audience for the low cost low end single bay My Cloud is marketed too. The My Cloud User Manual doesn’t appear to specifically mention such a feature (posting image to a website). The workaround is to post a link to the image where one can click to view it off of one’s My Cloud.

Could the feature be added? Probably but it introduces a possible and potential hole in the security layer (such as it is) with the My Cloud. It could potentially expose other files on the My Cloud to the internet or local network.

I don’t have nor have used a more expensive My Cloud unit that supports the third party apps, but perhaps one of those third party apps on the higher end My Cloud units allow for such a feature.