Can not use Desktop Ap after install Catalina

Urgent !!
need help after i install update catlina can’t use desktop app


Don’t expect too much help from WD for now: Although Catalina has been been in beta for almost 8 month before its release, WD slept on it and did not update their Software for Catalina. There are numerous threads here that call out this problem, but this does not seem too help that much…


Right now i can use by web browser only uncomfortable :frowning:

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push, communication by WD is really awful: You cannot even find out, if there are actually working on it or if they have already abandoned the whole my-cloud-idea on Macs… There are some ideas floating around of copying everything to the public folder - this one accessible via smb - I would probably go down that road if wd offered at least an idea of where they are or if they are actually working on it…

Por favor, actualicen la herramienta del escritorio, no funciona después de haber instalado la nueva versión del sistema operativo Catalina.

I have the same issue, so I already down grade it back to 10.14. When using time machine to restore, just log in as guest to mycloud home will do.