Can not upload to mycloud from remote location

When I copy a file into a mycloud mirror folder from a remote location, I get the upload popup, but it never uploads.  Does anyone have a solution for this?

thank you

what are you using for the upload? PC/Mac/Android/IOS? what program are you using fro the upload?

what size file(s) are you uploading? What type of file? Does a small text file upload?

On the local network I suggest using File Explorer/Finder but have found issues with large remote uploads hanging with File Explorer but they seem to work fine and much faster using the Windows Mycloud program for remote uploads

I am using a pc, windows 8.1.  I am using WD My Cloud.  I transfer the file from windows explorer into WD My Cloud, and I get the popup, but it never uploads.  Even small files do not upload.  

I am in a remote site.  I don’t have this problem when I am on the local network.

Does the MCM user associated with your MyCloud App have write permissions to the share that you’re trying to upload to?

What network speeds are you achieving? Can you for example download or stream something from the MCM the other way to your Windows machine when remote without issue?


i have write permissions, i am logged on as admin, the folder is Public, and i can download and stream at work. I just can’t modify files and upload anything.

At home i can do everything.

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Francisco Matos

Happening to me too.
Unable to upload from iOS device. Logged in. All software updated. Everything seems to work fine except unable to actually upload. From WD iOS app, nothing. Using the share to WD from the Photos app…upload appears to start but will bottom how part way through. Sometimes 22% to 80 or even 100% but nothing happens.


restored my loud to factory settings
added new users with permissions
readded connected devices
tested from two separate iOS devices

same issue…accesses drive fine but nothing (photos, PDFs etc… will upload.

Any luck? I’m having the exact same issue…