Can not see wd live hub on shared on mac

hey to all,

i use macbook pro with OSX snow leopard i also have a pc with vista and usually use pc to transfer files to live hub via network but today i decided to use my mac for that today and saw that there’s no shared title on left side of finder. so i can’t see live hub on my mac how can i enable it? i connect my wd by ethernet to my modem.

Try the link below, it might help you with this issue:

Not sure if this is in your plans…but  I have a 2011 imac running Lion and I didn’t have to do anything special for me to see the Live Hub.    Maybe a $35 upgrade is in order?

ok everything’s fine now i just connected to servers from the “go” menu on the top and there they are again on shared section thnx to you guys also for trying to help me.