Can not "see" other device

Aright guys, had a look arounfd on the net for an answer to my problem, to no avail, I have a wdtv live smp downstairs connected to my router, i have a 1tb hard drive conected to my smp, works fine, I have been watching the hard drive content upstairs via a wdtv live, homeplugged. I had the idea of buying another wdtv live smp to take the place of the wdtv live, hoping that it would let me see the downstairs content as well as all the thumbnails. I have everything set up but the player upstairs will not find the smp downstairs, the older model did, is there something i am missing here?


Oh, i can find my pc no problem.

Also, the smp downstairs will not update no more wia wifi or hard wire, could that be a problem.

Sorted it.:smiley:


Change the device name, check page 44 of the manual.

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