Can not see meta data when selecting media server

I have a TV Live Hub set up on my network with all of my movies and music on it and have all the meta data set up so that when I am viewing the tv live hub localy I can see all the movie title covers and info. I just bought a TV Live streaming box and hooked it up to one of my other tv’s and connected it to our network. I had no problems connecting it to the network and can connect to the tv live hub but if I try going into videos and select media server I can see all my movies but it only shows a generic icon for the videos instead of the Jacket picture of the movie or any of it’s info that is in the meta data file. If I go into video and select the source to be Network Share I can see all my movies and it shows the icons as the movie jacket and the info from the meta data. The other issue I noticed was that while I am in the video folder and I press the blue button to go to the dashboard it gives me an error and I have to use the back button several times to gat back out to the dashboard and then when I want to go back into my movies I have to navigate through all the submenus to get back to the network shares. This is a little bit of a pain for me but I know when the wife or the kids try to do this they are just going to be confused. Any help would be appreciated … maybe it;s something I have setup wrong or it is a error in the firmware … still to new to the tv live streaming player.

The first part of your question is due to the difference between direct connection and using a media server. A media server can only serve certain things up. If you want to see everything you have to use network shares to connect.

You are in the wrong forum for your player. If you have any further problems post them at the forum link below.