Can not se My Cloud Home in the Explorer/ Utforskaren

Windows 7
My Cloud Home

  1. After installing the device, I invited my friend.
  2. He gets a mail and follows the instructions and install necessary programs.
  3. Then he can reach my My Cloud Home from the web and download everything.
  4. Now the problem: He can not se the My Cloud Home in his PC as an extra harddrive in the explorer/ utforskaren. My other friend can do it in his PC. Whats the problem and how do we solve it?

Before I start trying to find the soloution in the PC firewall or router firewall, I prefer to get an reasonable answer to my question.


Did your friend download and install WD Discovery and Sign In to

Yes, we both have installed WD Discovery and everything looks the same in his and my PC.

He can download files from my My Cloud Home if he tries the web, but he can not use it the normal way - to see the My Cloud Home as a extra harddrive in his PC.

It is not a big problem, I just wonder why.

did they also sign into their my cloud home account in WD discovery?

Yes both my friends signed in, but only one could see the My Cloud Home as a extra harddrive in the Explorer/ Utforskaren.