Can not Reset N900 Central

I can not reset my N00 Central. The paper clip causes the power light to blink, but noting changes. I can not reset from my computer since i was daisy chaining this device to my main home router, and I disabled DCHP. I can log on via the guest account. but that is it. I have tried to log in via the DNS for the router from my primary router, but no luck their either. BTW, I just updated the firmware earlier today…seemed to be working fine. The real issue I have is that I can not see the Hard Drive with this current config.



Did you hold down the reset button for ~10 seconds? Quickly pressing it will only “reboot” the unit. Is the unit set to AP mode or Router mode? By disabling DHCP, is the LAN IP address of the unit still You can unplug the N900 Central from your main home router, set you PC to a static IP address (Ex. then open the router UI with

You need to press the reset button for 10 seconds. Check page 67 of the manual for the steps.