Can Not Reconnect

After recently updating to the new MyCloud IOS app I had to erase my phone and went to go and link the app to mycloud BUT it wont let me. There is no green plus sign any more to add the option and it is not selectable to manually enter codes any more. When I go to enter the email option it crashes the app. 


As a recommendation, try installing the application again. Make sure that you are downloading the version 3.1.2 directly from the app store

I did, and I can still not add any device without the app crashing or the green + sign not being there to select. This all started after getting the 3.1.2 update!

Hello sxc7885,

Please contact WD Support for direct assistance on this case. I believe that would be the best option.

WD Contact info:

Just got off the phone with them and spoke with 3 different individuals level 1 and 2 support and they have no idea what to do or what is causing it!

SOOOOO 150 dollars for the EX4 and I cant even connect to it on a mobile device!

I am having the same issue but I am beta testing ios 8 currently and can only assume this is the cause of it. Are you also running iOS 8, or are you still running iOS 7?

I am also running beta 2 of iOS 8. While it works when I upgraded it once I removed the mycloud app I can not reconnect. I was able to fool my iPhone into reconnecting by adding skydrive(only one with a + sign at the time) then going back and hitting the edit button and all the signs were there. However in the case for iPad it crashes while it is loading the next screen after hitting the + button.

sxc7885 wrote:
I am also running beta 2 of iOS 8. 

Well that’s kinda important information isn’t it…  :smileyvery-happy:

All I can say is I’m running iOS 7.1.1 and don’t have this issue on any of my NASes  (MBL, MBLD, My Cloud, EX4)