Can not read folders created with XP using Windows 8

I just bought a new Toshiba laptop with I7, 750 GB in HD 8GB in RAM and Windows 8. My external drive (My Book Essential with 3 TB) was used in an old Toshiba with windows XP, it works fine no problem, but at the moment I connected it to the new laptop and unlocked it all the folders created in the old laptop appears only as a shortcut pointing to “C:\Windows\System32”. No idea what is wrong.

As a test I create a new folder inside the WD external drive and copy a file into it; then I disconnected it from the new laptop with Win 8 and plugged it in the old laptop with Win XP, I was able to read the folder created with Win 8.

Any idea will be really appreciated.


Aww… I just experienced this last week. If im not mistaken this is cased by a virus. You can try to search the files using the search bar in windows 8 and I think you might be able to see it. I advice you to extract the files and reformat the files emediately, also scan your computer for viruses. Good luck.