Can not put files into SHARED folders

Mybookworld is driving me crazy. I am a mac user and I am using the mybookworld white light version. For  one I can not put files into my shared (music, video, photos) folders. It will not allow me to simply drag them over. Under the Shared drive it displays “mybookworld” and “mybookworld-backup”. “Mybookworld” connects as an admin and a guest but the “mybookworld-backup” always displays as “connection failed” and when I click on “connect as” nothing happens. Thinking this may be part of the reason it is not allowing me to add files to the shared folders. I have many files added to it but because they are not in the shared folders they do not show up on my PS3 and others computers. I need help! Any suggestions? Thank you. 

Do you see any message when you try to copy the files, also verify if you have the latest firmware version installed.