Can not play one file/

I use the WD tv live with an external hard disk but  with one specific file there is a strange problem.

When i open the file i see this:

Normally it will take a few secs and the movie starts but with this specific file forget it.

But that’s not it after this issues  i can not play other files anymore, i have the same issue as above.

The only solution is to disconnect the power and start with another file and hopefully i can play the specific file what started the problem.


if it’s an mkv file it could be related to the header compression being set by default for certain types of video and audio tracks in mkvmerge v4.1.0 and later. If you open it in 4.0.0 and just remux it, that should solve it, if that IS the problem.


You right i had to remux the file but i had also change the tittle?

As you know the WD tv Live starts  alphabetical,specific this tittle was the first file and stuck again.:angry:

After the remux still stuck so i changed the tittle in something with a B guess what no problem.

Not the most elegant solution but it work out.