Can not login

HI,Now we will see if this new UN&PW will even work as i have been trying for 2hrs. to log back in with my original

UN&EMAIL address and what i can not understand is why it for my UN THEN WHEN I USE IT then it asks me for my email address.

This is what has been going on i click the login feature,put in my UN,Then my PW,BUT when that will not work i try email address.

To show you how dumb things can get with computers i changed my UN to DELLEVER666 AND was able to login so now i

in essence have 2 UN’S the only problem being wnich one will work next,this is not a isolated thing as it has happened to me before and when do a register sign up for UN&PW i write it down first before i even register to a site.

I think for now i will just minumize site for now as i do not want 2 more hrs. trying to login.


I noticed you did not used the same email address for both accounts. Please check your private messages

Already  taken care of,thank you