Can not login to server

my EX4 has been up for about a month and I have been able to log in to the admin interface with not problums untill today. over the last month i have login several times a day learing and config the system. I have not forgot my username or password nor have i change any thing that would affet these things. I have completed the 40s reset proccess twice and as discribed by WD reps in this forum. The data is still accessable as long as the file is public.

what is the fix? 

is this a common problum for the server to drop this critical info?


maybe ip changed ??

did you tru force the shutdown ?  keep pressing power button

no did not power down

ip is still the same

i can type the ip into the browser and the log in page comes up but not able to log in

This is highly unusual. To answer your question, not a common problem at all.