Can not log in to my My Cloud drive (

This is really annoying. I need to send some emails, large files, using links on My Cloud drive.

I can not log in either Firefox, or Safari. Will not connect to user name, password for server access.

What is Western Digital doing. Without accessing their server there is no way to send emails from your MY Cloud Drive.

Firmware is current on drive, v04.05.00-334.

Any help here. I sent trouble reports to support at WD but they never fix anything.



Same problem for me too
I tried to connect from 3 different locations :confused:

now its showing :


The server encountered an unexpected error which prevented it from completing your request. Please close this window and start the sign in process again.

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Same is discussed here…you are not alone… Cannot connect to
Seems like MyCloud has become allergic to browsers.

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Any solution? I tried chrome, opera, firefox, tor, and in all I have that problem … what solution is there?