Can not install "My Cloud" at discovery application

I have Win8.1 64bit, I simply can not install the “My Cloud” at WD Discovery Preferences tab. It says “downloading”, then “installing”, then windows asks permissions to install it, and then nothing happens but the tab next to “My Cloud” turns back to “Install” - asking me to install the SW.

I did uninstall, reboot, reinstall, this several times… nothing helps. However, I can install this in my laptop (Win10 mashine). :frowning: not really able to figure out what is going on.

Check you firewall, anti virus, malware and or end point protection software.
Also…check for compatibility mode

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Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Yes, I did turn off both FireWall (windows) and AntiVirus (AVG). Apparently it did not help. Meanwhile in my laptop the installation went all well and i see I am using the same SW version so it should work.

My Win 8.1 instrallation is also refeshed using the original Win DVD just 2 days ago so that should be all fine, I can install any other SW and the SW Discovery is also installed. Just the My Cloud plug in can not be installed.

Feels like need to throw the box through window… I bought it for making local back ups but seems it was a mistake, next time need just an USB drive. :frowning :frowning:

It visible in my network, is there any other SW I could try to access it locally, i.e. even with out internet connection ? There is also a message I need to install Eos (or similar) when asked, but that is never asked to be installed and cannot see anything like that in my installed programs.


Here one more pic, hop this helps. Must be something very simple if the plugin is not installing at all, looks like the installation will not run through but interrupts. Is there a place I can see a log file form that installation attempt, perhaps it has an error message that helps to identify what is incompatible.

hhmm… no one interested helping me out. Perhaps I should re-post this ?

Hi HomeDuo

Have you resolved the issue you mentioned in your post? I’ve just purchased a My Cloud Home single bay and it’s having the exact problem. I’m on Window 10 but the problem is exactly the same as you have described. You have the solution, would appreciate if you can share it. Thanks!

Hi. Fist of all:

My already installed WD discovery SW got updated, cant remember the sw version but can check when at home. After the update, you need to reenter your log in credentials (they got lost during update) and BANG it just start working !!! Will post screen shots what I got now over the weekend if ppl need more help. Anyhow, mine is working now and can access the same box from multiple PCs like its supposed to be. Its also pretty fast so making back ups and accessing remotely using standard win explorer is piece of cake. Got both win 8.1 and win 10 working. … Finally

Here SW versions installed, as said after this update is start working once reentered log in credentials: