Can not find My Passport AV-TV Manual on this site anywhere


Firstly sorry for posting in the ‘WD External Drives My Passport Wireless’ category I couldn’t find a category for this model drive.

I hope someone can help. I’ve just purchased a My Passport AV-TV drive, the leaflet inside the box gave me the WD website to download the user manual, I can’t find any mention of the product anywhere on the site, does anyone know where it is, or if it exists.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There’s a page on Europe WD Site … it’s probably either only sold in Europe or discontinued in other regions.

There’s a link to a quick installation guide on that page … but it’s just how to mount it on the back of your TV.

I guess there’s no “User Manual” because it’s Plug’n’Play … ie plug it into your TV(or DVR/PVR) … then let your TV,DVR,PVR format it (consult your TV,DVR,PVR User Manual) and that’s it … ready to go for recording .

Hi JoeySmith,

Thanks so much for the information, I would never have found it if you hadn’t sent me the link.

I know it doesn’t really need a manual as it is plug and play as you said, I set it up immediately and my TV recognised it straight away, it works really well, let’s hope it continues to do so.

As you know, the reason I wrote the post was because I had bought the drive, a leaflet in the package said go to their website for the online manual, and I couldn’t even find a trace of the product, let alone the manual, I just thought it was strange, and why they didn’t give me the link that you did, I find even stranger.

Thank you once again for your help in solving this mystery, it’s much appreciated.