Can not find my files

I have a WD MyCloud 3TB Drive. I can not seem to find my files. I expect it to have something to do with users, permissions and shares. I had added a user and set up permissions but I could not log into that user so I took the password off.

I moved a bunch of files to the drive in two different sessions. I thought I out them all under the Shared Pictures Public share. I see some of the files and folders but not all of them. However, on my Win8 laptop, I see the media server icon for the drive and when I access that I see all the photos if I look in the album but not under folders. 


From the media server icon under Network in Win8

If I go here… I can see all the pictures “This PC\WDMyCloud\Photos\Album”

If I go here… I can NOT see all the pictures “This PC\WDMyCloud\Photos\By Folder\Shared Pictures”

From the UNC icon

If I go here… I can not see all the pictures " \WDMYCLOUD\Public\Shared Pictures"

If u assume these means that the missing pictures are not “shared” how do I find them to share them?