Can not establish remote access

Am a relative new end user with no problem using both Apple MacBook PRO and Samsung Tablets to access

MY Cloud Elite on home network and also have tried to access from coffee shops nearby my home.

But noticing the problem establish access while waiting at San Francisco International Airport and NEVER once could

establish connect now while I am in Asia.

Please help.

there can be multiple reasons for your inability to access the device from abroad.

  1. your home modem might be down

  2. your home modem may have been assigned a new IP address and it is not updated so quickly with WD

  3. where you are now may have a filter that is blocking the web access

  4. your MyCloud may have did an auto-update of firmware and reset all your configurations

  5. you may be using the incorrect user/password

  6. the java plugin of your browser may not be enabled for the web login page.

get someone at your home to test it for you. have them re-boot the modem. reboot the drive.