Can not edit a remote backup job

Hi all,

I am writing here to post yet another flaw on the OS firmware and hopefully, the WD staff will see this.

I also contacted the support and they admited that only a new firmware could resolve this and suggested to post it here on the forum. I’ll also post it at the suggestions  CLICK HERE AND VOTE ( where not too many people look )

I have a backup job created for a remote backup WD EX2 -> WD EX2. The backup job works, however, when i added a new folder to my NAS and i wanted that to be backed up, I have no possibility to add the new folder to my existing backup job. I don’t see any editing button for a created backup. In this case, i have to delete my existing job and create a new one, or just create a new job ONLY for the new folder. Both of this options are inconvenient.

i would like it if this suggestions goes to the WD development team to improve the GUI and practicability of this device.
 It’s quite hard to manage a remote backup ( which is mandatory for a NAS to exclude single point of failure) if you have to redo all the previous work only for a new folder.


Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that you have taken the time to post your suggestion in the ideas board. 

Hi - I also posted this same idea a while back.  Please vote on both - and maybe the two can be combined into one suggestion :slight_smile:

This is the problem I have when I delete a job then re-create it (since I can’t edit it)…

the backup job kicks off multiple jobs at the same time, even though there is only one job on the list.  I get multiple email notifications which tells me the jobs are running simultaneously.

The only remedy WD has given me is to try reseting to factory settings and install the latest firmware.

If you delete your job and re-create it since you can’t edit it, I am wondering if you have the same situation (with multiple jobs running)

Hi kattmandu,

I didn’t had this problem. Probably because i created new jobs with different names for testing.

Now after my NAS is in production, i just added another job to add other folders to backup.

I realy hope WD fixes this, since it’s very frustrating