Can not delete folder

 I have put some files in backup and want to delete now. I am able to delete the files inside the folder however can not delete the folders. The path to folder is a bit long (around 220 characters). I also checked and I can rename the folders.

Then I tried to rename the folder in the path to be shorter and now I am able to delete the folders. Is the restriction comes from Windows 7?

First, You need to edit your post and remove all the extra whitespace.  Your six-sentence question takes four pages.

And yes, Windows imparts both a maximum path-length and filename length.

Thanks, I think opera has caused that white character problem, anyway it has been fixed. 

Isnt it weird that it can copy a file with a long path but when it comes to deleting it doesnt work?

You can use Long Path Tool , it works good for such issues!

Long Path Tool probably ends your problems in unlocking, managing and renaming files that appear to have a long filename.