Can not delete folder

i have a share with Name XXX. this share contains several Folders. now an additional Folder appeared which has the same Name as the share…and within this Folder i have again all the Folders that exist on this share… and this is infinite repeating (within this new sublevel again a Folder with the Name of teh share which again contains all Folders)
i also can not delete this Folder (it says unknown error). i also can not delete it on Windows Network share because it does not stop calculating how many fiels it would Need to delete….the share has 500Gig and i stopped the process when Windows showed it would have found 2TB.

it seems it somehow Points to itself…does anybody have an idea?

via ssh i see that here


@waschminator How did you back up files/folders to this share? Do you use WD Sync?

no…this is a Manual share…but i think it has appeared when i wanted t ouse wd my Cloud feature also on my Android tablet….(wd my Cloud app) and then i assume this was the trigger of this situation

it seems to be a symbolic link…but i don´t know why it is here and if i can remove it safely

Have you looked at the Dashboard for more information on Shares?

Do you allow anyone else to use your computers/devices?

Are you able to provide an image of what you are seeing? Also what windows shows for the size of the folder/share? See image below of my Horace share, Documents folder. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

i found this discussion here Mysterious symbolic link

and i did a simple “rm Folder” …for the Moment it is fine

but thank you very much for your interest and help