Can not assign active directory group permissions-panel is empty

We have bought a number of these NAS and connected them to our WIndows server 2003 active directory. We’ve created a simple share “test” and wanted to enable permissions on it, as per WD instructions in

Test was configured with public access disabled. Next we visited the users panel. We can see our users there and assign permissions to whoever needed. However, when we switch view to groups, we can view our AD groups, but selecting any one of them does not display any shares at all at the right (including the public folder). We checked all AD groups one by one and in all cases the right panel was empty. On another NAS of the same type this did not happen. At least at some point we were able to view and assign permissions. We tried rebooting the NAS but to avail.

It’s been hell trying to figure why we can not view private shares. Stumbling into ID 11882 was a step forward but now we’re having this problem. Posting two screenshots, that shows the problem on the groups panel.

I finally found out that the issue was caused due to accessing the web interface in https (secure HTTP). Switching to plain http seems to have resolved the issue. I do have some ad blockers around, but it should be easy for WD to reproduce the issue and fix the bug (if it is one after all).