Can not access wd800jd thru usb adapter

I am trying to access data from a WD800JD by way of a Rosewill SATA to USB adapter. I had to remove the drive from a computer will a dead mobo. The drive and computer I am trying to access with are both formatted XP. The WD800 does not show up in 'My Computer". It does show up in 'Device Manager" and in “Disk Management”. I am unable to access the drive. I found some instructions for accessing under “Disk Management”. It had me click on the “Action” tab and select “Rescan Disk”. Following rescanning, it said to right click on the drive and select “Mark Drive As Active”. I do not get that option. My option is to “Initalize”.

How do you access a formated sata drive thru a USB adapter?

If you Initialize it it will then give you the option to format it, but this will delete any files that you have inside. Try connecting it directly to a computer motherboard, because the USB adapter might be the one causing the problem. If the same problem continues, the files might be corrupted. Before you initialize it, try using a data recovery program to recover your files. See if Recuva works for you.