Can not access UI, no SSH enabled = NO hope?

I read many topic about Can not access UI, but all the suggestion are using ssh. I can not access UI, no SSH enabled = NO hope?? What can I do ?

The UI will probably not come back. You should contact WD customer support. I have seen a few posts that they are sending out new units very quickly to people who have this problem.

Woo…It’s crazy…

If power cycling does not help, time for an R.M.A.

Do I need to pay for RMA? e.g. shipping fee ?

It would appear another user very unhappy with WD - amazed that WD have not responded positively to resolve the bricking units. !

I did R.M.A.

How to prevent this problem happen again ?

First thing to do is to enable SSH access before any update is performed or data is put on the MyBook Live. By rights the drive W.D. send to you will have the more recent firmware installed. Maybe worth calling W.D. and getting someone to confirm that the most recent firmware will be installed on the unity that is being sent to you?

I got the MBL on my hand now.

I enable SSH at once and use the UI to check any update for the firmware, it return I have most recent firmware.