Can not access to existing shares. New shares gets always available space zero bytes

I can not access any more to my existing shares.

I am able to see the folder names but when I try to access to them, I get an error message (from windows xp, win 732, win763 and mac): "windows can not access…the network path was not found Error code: 0x80070035).

Further, trying to create new shares (public or privates, it is the same), the system assigns a sort of folder quota (sometimes 2GByte, more often zero bytes!!!).

When I try to copy some file to the share, it shows me the error message: “no space available” even if from the “portal” (web interface of my book live), displayed usage is 750GByte/2TByte.

Your product is fully unuseful…and at the moment I lost the data I copied on it!

I need at least to recover my data: please, help.

The error code is a WINDOWS error code, and it’s most often a Windows problem that causes the error, not necessarily the MBL.

Google it for more info.

There also are no quotas on the WD – I wonder if your system is incorrectly accessing the drive via WebDAV instead of CIFS.

Try browsing the WebDAV FAQ to see if that applies.

Thank you for your quick  reply.

As I wrote in my previous email, I have the SAME problem also in MAC OS (and in different versions of WIN), so can not depend on a windows problem (even if your product should/must be compatible with Windows OS!).

The log of your MBL says:

Apr 14 23:42:16 AKStorage dhclient: bound to – renewal in 42093 seconds.
Apr 15 04:04:56 AKStorage smbd[22358]: [2013/04/15 04:04:56.476838, 0] smbd/service.c:1022(make_connection_snum)
Apr 15 04:04:56 AKStorage smbd[22358]: canonicalize_connect_path failed for service BakupPCDesktopXP, path /shares/BakupPCDesktopXP
Apr 15 04:04:56 AKStorage smbd[22358]: [2013/04/15 04:04:56.499487, 0] smbd/service.c:1022(make_connection_snum)…

I have the same log message for ALL the shares I can not access to.

I hope this can help: but it seems the problem comes from MBL.

I have already sent these logs to WD support, but they did not solve my problems (Ref#: *[Deleted]*).

Please, help!

ps.: I am the customer and I would like to avoid to make any type of investigation googleing or wasting my time on trying to solve the problem, that’s just because I payed for having your product fully working.

Thank you 

elgato27 wrote:

…(even if your product should/must be compatible with Windows OS!).

… The log of your MBL says:

… that’s just because I payed for having your product fully working.

It’s not MY product – it’s yours.

I’m not a WD employee.  Very few people here are – this is a user-to-user community, not tech support.

By the way, the SAMBA error you’re displaying often indicates that the path to the share on the disk is different than the path defined in smb.conf, or that the permissions of the path do not allow the smb service to access the path.

I have to ask, have you modified the configurations or permissions in some way?

I am sorry, I did not know you are not a WD employ!

In this case, I have to double thank you for your support.

No, I have never changed anything: just creating shares and copying files.

May be this is the right time to change the file you mentioned: how can I edit it?

Don’t edit anything yet.

Capture the output of your SSH session, and execute the following commands:

cat /etc/samba/overall_share

ls -la /shares

Post the entire output using the “Insert Code” function in the forum edit window.

like this.